Dining Room Chandeliers

Selecting and Hanging a Chandelier in Your Dining Room

The lighting in your home is like jewelry.  You can change the whole look of your outfit (a room in your home) with the jewelry you wear (the lighting you use).  You can dress something up, make it more casual and incorporate new colors.  This is especially true in a dining room where, oftentimes, the chandelier becomes the focal point. 

How do I choose the right size?

There are two approaches to make sure the chandelier you choose will be the right size for your space. 

  1. Use the size of the room as a guide.  Measure the length and width of the room in feet.  This should equal the diameter of the chandelier in inches.  So, for example, if your dining room is 15’x15’ you would want a chandelier with a diameter of 30”.
  2. Use the size of your table as a guide. Measure the width of your table and subtract 12” to get the diameter of the chandelier. If you have a table that is 48”x72” your chandelier should have a diameter of 36”.

If you prefer a linear or rectangular chandelier, choose one that’s width is one-third to one half the width of your table.  To determine the length of the chandelier, subtract the width of the chandelier from the length of the table.  For example, if your table is 54” x 72” your chandelier should range:

                                     Width                                       Length

                      54/2 or 54/3  = 18” - 27”                  72-27 = 45”- 54”

If you have a larger space or long table, you may consider using two pendants or chandeliers.  Choose a fixture that has a diameter that is about 1/3 the width of the table.  Divide the table in half and center the fixtures over each half.

How High Do I Hang the Chandelier Above the Table?

Hang the chandelier 30” above the table top if you have 8’ ceilings.  For each additional foot in ceiling height raise the chandelier 2”- 3”.

Last, but certainly not least, choose a chandelier that suits your personal style and complements your décor. After taking into account the size recommendations it's important that it reflects you and your own preferences.  After all, you're the one that will get to admire it most.